The FAC Academy is proud to support Federal acquisition managers, both within the Government and in Industry, with its world-class Acquisition training programs.

Federal Programs Overview

We understand your Federal Government training needs. Our extensive Federal curricula have been built from the ground up by experts in Federal Acquisition and Program/Project Management for you. Let us help you receive the integrated, comprehensive, cost-effective training you need to adhere to OFPP’s and FAI’s certification requirements and make an impact in the workplace.

FAC-P/PM Program

The FAC Academy's innovative FAI-verified FAC-P/PM programs fulfill all OFPP-required FAC-P/PM training competencies in just 12 class days.


FAC-COR+ Program

Our FAC-COR+ courses are truly unique in that they fulfill all FAC-COR competencies and in most cases, several FAC-P/PM competencies - all within the standard FAC-COR training hours.


CLP Courses

For FAC-P/PM, FAC-C and FAC-COR/COTR professionals who need CLP credits, our courses provide the skills that are critical to working effectively across the organization.


Commercial / Industry Programs Overview

In today's hyper-competitive Government contracting marketplace, forward-thinking industry leaders realize the importance of having their acquisition management teams be as conversant in FAC/DAWIA-based Federal acquisition concepts as they are in PMBOK® program management disciplines. We have created a Commercial Acquisition Manager (CAM) program tailor-made to help you achieve that.

CAM Program

Our one-of-a-kind PMBOK- and FAC/DAWIA-focused Commercial Acquisition Manager program offers private-sector Acquisition Managers a unique, integrated program that bridges the gap between PMBOK and Federal Acquisition disciplines.