CAM Program : Senior Level

CAM Program

Senior Level

(4 Courses | 12 Days)

Program Overview

The FAC Academy's 12-day, 4-course Commercial Acquisition Manager Program bridges the gap between PMI®-focused project management and Government-specific DAWIA- and FAC-P/PM-based requirements. It offers Industry managers a full-featured curriculum that addresses all ten Knowledge Areas of the PMBOK®, while incorporating the critical Government-specific concepts and terminology needed to successfully manage a Federal Acquisition program.

Industry graduates receive the same Master’s Certificate in Federal Acquisition Management as their Federal counterparts.

Senior Level

Who Should Attend:
  • Industry Acquisition Professionals specializing in Federal Programs, Program / Project Management Professionals, and Financial Professionals
  • Anyone looking for DAWIA‐ or FAC‐P/PM‐based Federal Acquisition Management training credentials
  • Anyone who works with the Federal government and is looking to earn their PMP® certification
  • PMP® certification holders looking to better understand the Federal acquisition regulations and processes

FPM-311 : Senior Federal Program / Project Management 4 Days (32 Hrs.)

Serves as an overview to the entire Senior Level curriculum and Senior Level certification process. Addresses the “Big A” FAC-P/PM Competencies of Requirements Development and Management Processes, Systems Engineering, Test & Evaluation, and Life Cycle Logistics.

FPM-312 : Senior Federal Acquisition Management 3 Days (24 Hrs.)

Fulfills the “little a” FAC-P/PM Contracting Competency. Addresses Federal contracting and contract management, various FAR regulations, and the acquisition of supplies and services, construction, and research and development.

FPM-313 : Senior Federal Business, Cost Estimating, and EVM 3 Days (24 Hrs.)

Prepares the participant to supervise and implement functions required by Federal agencies which relate to the Business, Cost Estimating, and Financial Management Competency.

FPM-314 : Senior Federal Leadership 2 Days (16 Hrs.)

Provides a framework for the participants to respond to the challenges facing them and their organizations in new, more innovative, and more productive ways. The specific topics of strategic thinking, external awareness, entrepreneurship, and vision will be addressed.

Senior Level Competency Mapping

While only Federal employees can earn the FAC-P/PM certification, completing all 4 Senior level CAM courses fully meets the requirements of all seven (7) FAC-P/PM Competencies, and earns Industry students the same Master’s Certificate in Federal Acquisition Management as their Government counterparts.

In addition, all students who complete the entire Senior level CAM series with the FAC Academy also receive a FREE voucher for 30 days’ access to the leading online PMP® Prep Course.

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