CAM Program

Parlez-vous “Federal Acquisition?”

In today's hyper-competitive Government contracting marketplace, effectively managing a Federal contract requires a deep understanding of unique Federal "Big A" and "little a" processes, terms, and requirements, in the form of PMBOK® and DAWIA / FAC-P/PM knowledge.

The FAC Academy's 12‐day, 4‐course Commercial Acquisition Manager Program bridges the gap between PMI®‐focused project management and Government‐specific DAWIA‐based requirements. It offers industry managers the unique combination of a full‐featured curriculum that addresses all nine knowledge Areas of the PMBOK®, and it incorporates the critical Government‐specific concepts and terminology needed to successfully manage a Federal Acquisition program.

Impress your Federal customers by truly understanding and solving their unique challenges. Earn a comprehensive DAWIA / FAC-P/PM-based education in just 12 dayss in the FAC Academy’s unique CAM Program.

Senior Level - Commercial / Industry

Who Should Attend:
  • Industry Acquisition Professionals specializing in Federal Programs, Program / Project Management Professionals, and Financial Professionals
  • Anyone looking for DAWIA‐ or FAC‐P/PM‐based Federal Acquisition Management training credentials
  • Anyone who works with the Federal government and is looking to earn their PMP® certification
  • PMP® certification holders looking to better understand the Federal acquisition regulations and processes

CAM Program Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you have questions regarding Commercial Acquisition Management in general or questions about one of our courses, we are here to help give you the information you need regarding requirements and training. Please feel free to call us at 703-224-8242, contact us online, or see the answers below to the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive regarding our CAM Program.

What is the CAM Program?

CAM stands for Commercial Acquisition Manager. We have created this unique CAM Program specifically to address the need for Commercial/Industry acquisition management teams to be as conversant in DAWIA‐based Federal acquisition concepts as they are in PMBOK® program management disciplines. We want to help you speak the same language as your Federal government counterparts.

The FAC Academy Commercial Acquisition Manager (CAM) Program is an integrated, comprehensive 4-course, 12-day curriculum that bridges the gap between PMBOK® and DAWIA / FAC-P/PM disciplines:

  • Complete PMP® Training:
    • Curriculum covers all nine (9) PMBOK® Knowledge Areas
      • Integration Management; Scope Management; Risk Management; Time Management; Quality Management; Cost Management; Procurement Management; Communications Management; HR Management
    • All students attending the entire CAM program are entitled to FREE access to the most widely-used online PMP® Exam preparatory course
  • Integrated DAWIA / FAC-P/PM-based Instruction:
    • CAM Program focuses on all seven (7) DAWIA- and FAC-P/PM-based Competencies
    • Competencies include: Requirements; Systems Engineering; Test & Evaluation; Life Cycle Logistics; Business Cost Estimating / EVM; Contracting; Leadership
CAM Program

Who should attend the CAM Program?

  • Industry Acquisition Professionals specializing in Federal Programs, Program / Project Management Professionals, and Financial Professionals
  • Anyone looking for DAWIA- or FAC-P/PM-based Federal Acquisition Management training credentials
  • DAWIA-holders, FAC-P/PM holders, or other professionals with Federal experience looking to improve their program / project management skills
  • Anyone who works with the Federal government and is looking to earn their PMP® certification
  • PMP® certification holders looking to better understand the Federal acquisition regulations and processes
  • Because it bridges the gap between PMBOK® and DAWIA / FAC-P/PM-based concepts and skills, the CAM program is well-suited and appropriate for a wide range of consultancy roles, including acquisition, project, and financial management professionals looking to better understand both project management and the Federal acquisition process:
  • Acquisition Professionals
  • The CAM Program provides students with an in-depth understanding of the Federal acquisition process and its myriad regulations and procedures.
  • Further, the curriculum and instruction cut through the complexity and explain not just what the acquisition regulations entail, but why they are so-written and how to best communicate as part of an effective Integrated Program Team (IPT).
  • Program / Project Management Professionals
  • The CAM Program describes the Federal government’s requirements for project tracking and oversight, and does so using industry-standard PMBOK® concepts.
  • The Program further explains the concepts of Federal program management and their relation to both the acquisition and financial management disciplines.
  • Financial Management Professionals
  • The CAM Program’s focus on Financial Management, Earned Value Management (EVM), and Cost Estimating are essential for the effective financial management of government programs.
  • The integrated nature of the CAM Program brings to life the impacts that Acquisition and Program management have on the financial outcomes of individual programs, and also shows how these three disciplines relate to the commercial firm’s bottom line.

What makes this CAM Program unique?

  • Unrivaled Quality
  • The 4-course curriculum was built from the ground up to meet the very specific and demanding needs of the government or industry acquisition manager of a federal program.
  • The FAC Academy program is led by a world-class faculty with extensive, practical experience in both government and commercial program and project management. Faculty members have been specifically selected based on their outstanding performance in the field of adult education.
  • Rapid Return On Investment
  • While only Federal employees can earn DAWIA / FAC-P/PM credentials, CAM students receive the same Master’s Certificate in Federal Acquisition Management that our FAC-P/PM students receive
  • Students gain a working understanding of Federal acquisition, program, and financial management concepts and how they interrelate
  • Minimal investment in education recouped almost immediately from better, more efficient and more effective management of government-client programs
  • Minimal time away from the office
  • This integrated curriculum is more cost-effective than even standalone PMP / DAWIA programs
  • 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee – We will refund 100% of the tuition charge for any student who isn’t completely satisfied

Why Choose the FAC Academy?

We pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide to you – from the quality of our course materials and the instructors we bring you, to each and every encounter you have with our FAC Academy family.

We want you to walk away from every experience with us feeling that you have received everything you had hoped for. Our goal is to help you be the best acquisition professionals you can be, and to make it a pleasant (and even fun!) experience along the way.

All FAC Academy FAC-P/PM courses are approved by the
Project Management Institute® (PMI®), and are eligible for
PDU continuing education credit through PMI’s CCRS website.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Client satisfaction is our top priority, and our programs consistently receive the highest ratings for course content and quality of instruction.

If you are unsatisfied with a course, please just let us know what we could have done better, and we will refund 100% of your tuition cost.