FPM-410 (C) : FAC-P/PM Refresher for Construction Professionals

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FPM-410 (C)   |   5 Days (40 Hrs.)

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Designed for Construction/Facilities professionals who have already earned their FAC-P/PM certification, FPM-410 (C): FAC-P/PM Refresher for Construction Professionals provides a 40-hour continuing education course that both refreshes and extends the experienced FAC-P/PM professional’s skill set.

Course Overview

Educational Focus

Utilizing presentation, discussion, cases, activities, and other hands-on exercises, this 40-hour course has been designed to:

  • Provide a comprehensive review of the concepts, tools, and techniques taught throughout the FAC-P/PM certification curriculum. Students will review and refresh their understanding of the critical Competencies presented throughout their initial FAC-P/PM training programs, specifically as they apply to the Federal Construction/Facilities Program / Project Manager.
  • Further extends the students’ awareness and understanding of important aspects of each of the FAC-P/PM Competencies addressed in the FAC-P/PM curriculum, as they relate to Federal Construction and Facilities acquisition. Please see the course outline below for a list of Construction-specific topics addressed throughout this unique course.

ALTA Learning Methodology

Each of the five class days focuses on one or more of the core FAC-P/PM Competencies. Daily training consists of review / refresh activities, as well as extensive use of hands-on exercises, which allow students to dive into the application of the concepts, tools, and techniques, and to practice them in representative real-world scenarios.

This course represents 40 hours of the FAC-P/PM-certified student’s required 80 hours of continuous learning (CLP) credit, which must be completed every two years.

Who Should Attend

  • Federal Construction/Facilities Project Managers who have earned their FAC-P/PM at any of the three certification levels

Competencies Addressed

This course reviews, refreshes, and extends students’ understanding of all seven (7) FAC-P/PM Competencies:

FAC-P/PM CompetenciesIncluded
1. Requirements Development and Management Processchecked
2. Systems Engineeringchecked
3. Test and Evaluationchecked
4. Life Cycle Logisticschecked
5. Contractingchecked
6. Business, Cost Estimating, and Financial Managementchecked
7. Leadershipchecked

Course Topics & Modules

  • I. Developing Requirements: Writing an Effective SOO / PWS / SOW
    • Determining what problems need to be solved
    • Developing metrics to evaluate results
    • Identifying the:
    1. Key Performance Parameters
    2. Standards, Thresholds, and Objectives
    • Developing metrics to evaluate results
    • Leveraging current construction/design initiatives which impact requirements and Federal PM strategies such as:
    1. Building Information Modeling (BIM)
    2. Sustainable Design/LEED
    3. Low Impact Development (LID)
    4. Partnering
    5. Commissioning
    6. Safety
    7. Renewable Energy Design/ Energy Simulation Modeling
    8. Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
    • Implementing construction-specific Risk Management
  • II. Optimizing Program Management: Implementing Total Life Cycle Systems Management
    • Integrating Systems Engineering and Testing processes into the design and construction project life cycle
    • Implementing options for Performance-based Life Cycle Logistics to reduce Life Cycle Costs (LCC) and Total Ownership Costs (TOC)
    • Construction Project Management methodologies
  • III. Construction Acquisition: An Overview of Effective Construction Acquisition
    • An overview of Performance-Based Acquisition and developing SOO / PWS / SOW and incentivizing contractor performance
    • Monitoring contract performance through creating and executing an effective Quality Assurance Surveillance Program (QASP) to include:
    1. Monitoring of the contractor’s quality control plan; and
    2. Taking corrective actions if necessary
    • Reviewing general contracting processes, focusing especially on those that are specifically for construction acquisition, to include:
    1. Identifying and applying the key construction constructing clauses
    2. Identifying and applying contractual remedies for poor contractor performance
    3. Identifying and processing construction changes to cause the least effect on cost, time, or quality
    4. Effectively resolving disputes and claims before they go into litigation through the use of alternative disputes resolution
  • IV. Harnessing the Power of EVM: Using EVM to Evaluate Performance
    • Developing quality cost estimates for construction and design projects
    • Analyzing Earned Value Management data
    • Conducting an Integrated Baseline Review (IBR)
    • Determining when to re-baseline
  • V. Leading Teams: Utilizing Strategic Leadership for Success
    • Thinking strategically
    • Tying vision to project and organizational requirements and goals
    • Maintaining awareness of factors and practices external to project / organization
    • Developing negotiation skills that will result in awarding / modifying construction contracts that are fair and reasonable for both the Government and the contractor.
  • VI. Student Action Plan
    • Create and present personalized Action Plans based on individual projects

Training Hours/Credits Earned

Standard Class Hours
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Credits Earned
40 CLPs
40 PDUs (Course approved by PMI® and is eligible for PDU credit)
4.0 CEUs

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