FAC-COR+ Program

FAC-COR. PLUS a Whole Lot More.


The FAC Academy’s FAC-COR+ training programs meet all of OFPP’s and FAI’s new requirements for FAC-COR training, including all FAI-required Competencies. Our programs go further, and also address FAI’s new mandate that Mid- and Senior-level CORs have an increased training focus on program, project, and performance management, while simultaneously earning students FAC-P/PM credit.


Our innovative FAC-COR+ curricula help you get the most out of your limited training funds.  These courses fully cover all FAC-COR Competencies PLUS provide credit towards FAC-P/PM certification, thus eliminating redundancy and streamlining your training across programs. This 2-for-1 Credit towards TWO certifications in a single class (FAC-COR AND FAC-P/PM) allows you to learn the same project and acquisition management standards as your P/PM colleagues.

Whether you are an individual seeking a class for yourself, or a supervisor looking to address specific needs for your team, we have a FAC-COR solution for you.

FAC-COR+ Level II Program

FAC-COR+ Level III Program

FAC-COR Level III HHS Program

FAC-COR+ Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you have questions regarding FAC-COR in general or questions about one of our courses, we are here to help give you the information you need regarding FAC-P/PM requirements and training. Please feel free to call us at 703-224-8242, contact us online, or see the answers below to the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive regarding our FAC-COR+ Programs.

What is the + in FAC-COR+?

Our unique FAC-COR+ programs fulfill FAI’s new COR requirements PLUS earn you credit for several FAC-P/PM competencies. FAI and the individual agencies are placing an increasing emphasis on program and project management for its FAC-COR certification.

By integrating FAC-COR and FAC-P/PM competencies in our FAC-COR+ Program, we’re bringing the most relevant training to you - all in one program, thus saving you time and maximizing your scarce training dollars.

I was told by my manager to get FAC-COR training and I don’t know where to start. Can you help me?

Yes - Absolutely. Please feel free to call us at 703-224-8242 or contact us. We know that the FAC-COR requirements are complex and can be confusing. We’ll help you determine what level you are and explain step by step how to get you the FAC-COR training you need. You can also see some of the answers below to our most Frequently Asked Questions.

What is FAC-COR?

“FAC-COR” stands for “Federal Acquisition Certification for Contracting Officer’s Representatives.” New certification requirements became effective on January 1, 2012, making the program a risk-based, three-tiered certification program for civilian agencies that better reflects the important role that today’s CORs play.

What FAC-COR level am I?

There are three levels for FAC-COR: Level I, II, and III.

FAC-COR Level Experience Level and Project Complexity
Level I
  • No previous experience
  • Those on low-risk contract vehicles, such as supply contracts and orders
Level II
  • One (1) year of previous COR experience
  • Those on contract vehicles of moderate to high complexity, including both supply and service contracts
Level III
  • Two (2) years of previous COR experience
  • Contracts of moderate to high complexity
  • Those on the most complex and mission critical contracts within the agency

Do your FAC-COR courses meet all of the FAI Required Competencies?

Yes. Our COR classes meet all required guidance from FAI regarding the FAC-COR certification’s 26 competencies in detail:

Professional Business Competencies Included Technical Competencies Included
1. Attention to Detail checked 1. Acquisition Planning checked
2. Decision-Making checked 2. Market Research (Understanding the Marketplace) checked
3. Flexibility checked 3. Defining Government Requirements checked
4. Influencing / Negotiating checked 4. Effective Pre-Award Communication checked
5. Integrity / Honesty checked 5. Proposal Evaluation checked
6. Interpersonal Skills checked 6. Contract Negotiation checked
7. Oral communication checked 7. Contract Administration Management checked
8. Planning and Evaluating checked 8. Effective Inspection & Acceptance checked
9. Problem Solving checked 9. Contract Quality Assurance & Evaluation checked
10. Project Management checked 10. Contract Closeout checked
11. Reasoning checked 11. Contract Reporting checked
12. Self-Management / Initiative checked 12. Business Acumen & Communication checked
13. Teamwork checked    
14. Writing checked  

What do I need to get FAC-COR certified?

Like all FAC certifications, the FAC-COR requires both training and experiential components. Please see the FAQ above “What FAC-COR level am I?” for more detail on the experiential components.

As for the training requirements, FAI suggests the following number of hours of cumulative training for each FAC-COR certification level:

FAC-COR Level Cumulative Training Hours
Level I 8 Hours
Level II 40 Hours
Level III 60 Hours

Please Note: While most agencies follow FAI’s guidance very closely, each agency policy can vary, and we suggest that you check your agency’s specific policy or speak with your Acquisition Career Manager (ACM).

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re having trouble finding a training class to fit your agency’s specific requirements. We are happy to work with your agency to customize a FAC-COR course to fit your needs!

Do I have continuous learning (CLP) requirements for my FAC-COR?

All FAC-COR-certified acquisition professionals are required to obtain 40 hours of Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) every 2 years in order to maintain their FAC-COR certification.

We have a number of courses that can help you meet your CLP requirements, including our newest class, COR-440: COR-Refresher. This hands-on 5-day class has been designed specifically with FAC-COR certified students in mind – refreshing you on all of key points of the FAC-COR Competencies.

Why Choose the FAC Academy?

We pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide to you – from the quality of our course materials and the instructors we bring you, to each and every encounter you have with our FAC Academy family.

We want you to walk away from every experience with us feeling that you have received everything you had hoped for. Our goal is to help you be the best acquisition professionals you can be, and to make it a pleasant (and even fun!) experience along the way.

FAC-COR Continuous Learning

Individuals who are FAC-COR certified are required to maintain 40 hours of continuous learning points (CLPs) every two years.  By combining a comprehensive recap of key FAC-COR concepts with a series of hands-on, exercise and case-based lessons, our FAC-COR Refresher course both refreshes students' existing knowledge while simultaneously extending their COR and project management skills.

Recommended CLP Courses for FAC-COR

Course Code:Title:DaysCLPs

All FAC Academy FAC-P/PM courses are approved by the
Project Management Institute® (PMI®), and are eligible for
PDU continuing education credit through PMI’s CCRS website.

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