FPM 134 : Fundamentals of Leading Projects and Programs

FAC-P/PM Program Entry Level

FPM 134   |   2 Days (16 Hrs.)

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Designed specifically for professionals earning their Entry/Beginner level FAC-P/PM certifications, FPM 134 is fully FAI-verified as meeting all OFPP / FAI v2.1 Performance Outcomes for the “Leadership / Professional” Competency. This course provides a framework for the participants to respond to the leadership challenges facing them and their organizations in new, more innovative, and more productive ways.

Course Overview

Educational Focus

Participants receive a framework to respond to the challenges facing them – and their organizations – in new, more innovative, and more productive ways.  Numerous hands-on exercises are used to emphasize the importance of essential leadership skills including:

  • Teamwork, collaboration, and communication
  • Personality Types and preferences
  • Negotiation Skills

ALTA Learning Methodology

In addition to lecture and Q&A, this class provides a true adult learning experience by utilizing various other teaching modalities:

  • Students engage in various hands-on, experiential Exercises to emphasize the importance of essential leadership skills, including:
    • Teamwork, Collaboration, and Communication
    • Personality types and preferences
    • Negotiation skills
    • Organizational and team structures for optimum performance
  • Using a proprietary Leadership Assessment Tool developed specifically for this program, participants assess and evaluate their leadership traits in their current job settings.

Who Should Attend

  • Organizational and team structures for optimum performance
  • Those responsible for basic, low-risk projects

FAC-P/PM Competencies Addressed

Fully verified by FAI, FPM 134 covers all learning objectives for the FAC-P/PM Entry-level “Leadership” Competency.

FAC-P/PM Competency Mapping

PPM-104 Competency Mapping

Course Topics & Modules

  • I. Why Are We Here?
    • Program background and introduction
    • Current OMB and Presidential initiatives
    • Program agenda
    • Individual introductions and expectations
    • Self-assessment tools
  • II. Leadership Competency Development Model and Assessment
    • Determine and assess personal leadership skills and competencies needed to succeed
    • Develop group presentations and facilitate discussion among class members
  • III. Diversity Assessment and Discussion
    • Explore and discuss diverse psychological types
  • IV. Communication Models and Teamwork Approaches
    • Understand different communication models and challenges
    • Understand how to effectively manage and empower Integrated Project Teams
  • V. Conflict Management
    • Understand Causes of Conflict
    • Identify and Understand various conflict management responses
  • VI. Continuous Process Improvement
    • Introduce various tools and concepts of Continuous Process Improvement
  • VII. Ethics and Values
    • Introduce the Standard of Conduct established by the Ethics in Government Act
  • VIII. Student Assessment
    • Students will update their self-assessment of the 67 performance outcomes associated with the 7 competencies identified for certification as an Entry level program/project manager

Training Hours/Credits Earned

Standard Class Hours
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Credits Earned
16 CLPs
16 PDUs (Course approved by PMI® and is eligible for PDU credit)
1.6 CEUs

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