FPM 232 : Applications in Contracting

FAC-P/PM Program Mid Level

FPM 232   |   3 Days (24 Hrs.)

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Designed specifically for professionals earning their Mid/Journeyman level FAC-P/PM certifications, this course further develops and refines students’ fundamental skills to help them more effectively manage their Federal contracts and acquisitions.  FPM 232 is fully FAI-verified as meeting all OFPP / FAI v2.1 Performance Outcomes for the "Contracting" Competency.

Course Overview

Educational Focus

This course emphasizes the performance challenges that a participant will encounter in his or her day-to-day job. Specific topics addressed include:

  • Supervising, leading, and managing the acquisition of supplies and services related to IT, Construction, and Research and Development programs and projects, specifically around the following concepts:
    • Acquisition Planning (including performance-based considerations)
    • Cost and Price Analysis
    • Solicitation and selection of sources
    • Preparation, negotiation, and award of contracts
    • All phases of contract administration, including termination options
  • Understanding and working within the requirements of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Parts 1-14
  • Implementing the 9 things you must do "right" to have a successful contracting process
  • Special emphasis in this class is on the "when," "why," and "how" of establishing collaborative relationships between a buyer and a seller.

ALTA Learning Methodology

In addition to lecture and Q&A, this class provides a true adult learning experience by utilizing various other teaching modalities:

  • Throughout the course, students participate in an integrated case study to practice the skills that they are developing in a real-life, experiential environment.
  • Students use an extensive self-assessment tool throughout class to determine personal and organizational strengths and weaknesses.
  • Students demonstrate their knowledge by creating and presenting personalized end-of-class Action Plans, which provide a structured path to quickly transfer classroom concepts to their work environments.

Who Should Attend

  • Project Managers with 1 to 2 years of experience in Project Management
  • Those responsible for medium-sized, moderate-risk projects.

FAC-P/PM Competencies Addressed

Fully verified by FAI, FPM 232 covers all learning objectives for the FAC-P/PM Mid-level “Contracting” Competency.

FAC-P/PM Competency Mapping

PPM-202 Competency Mapping

Course Topics & Modules

  • I. Why Are We Here?
    • Current OMB and Presidential initiatives
    • Basic contracting activities
    • Self-Assessment tools and Acquisition Systems Assessments
  • II. Legal Foundations of Contracting
    • Key Terms and Definitions
    • Regulatory Directives and Requirements
  • III. Overview of Performance Based Acquisition (PBA) and Acquisition Planning
    • Explain the objectives of PBA
    • Work closely with the PM, PCO and other members of the contracting team or IPT to develop a comprehensive Acquisition Plan as required by the FAR for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of meeting agency needs
    • Manage the overall process as required by FAR Parts 1-12 from determination of need through the use of competition and small business in accordance with regulatory and statutory mandates
    • Ensure the team is doing the nine things you must do right for effective Contracting
    • Confirm that the project has the right kind of money at the right time
  • IV. Preparing the Right Requirements
    • Review the development and documentation of the requirements:
      • Statement of Objectives (SOO)
      • Statement of Work (SOW)
      • Performance Work Statement (PWS)
      • Detailed specification
  • V. The Right Type of Competition
    • Ensure the  right form of competition
    • Manage team activities in appropriate market research and acquisition of commercial items in accordance with FAR Parts 10 and 12
  •  VI. The Right Contracting Method
    • Evaluate the choice of the right contracting method
    • Ensure compliance with FAR Parts 5, 13, and 14
    • Review the choice of the type of solicitation and specification to fully and clearly communicate agency needs to potential suppliers
  • VII. The Right Choice of Contractor
    • Confirm the selection of the right contractor:
      • Manage and review the source selection plan to make sure it selects the contractor who will provide the best value to the agency
      • Establish and oversee the work of the source selection evaluation board, the source selection advisory council, and the source selection authority
  • VII. The Right Price
    • Ensure the payment of the right price through the appropriate use of
      • Price analysis
      • Cost and profit analysis
    • Ensure the application of the principles of contract and fiscal laws and regulations (anti-deficiency, procurement integrity, and specific purpose statutes) as they pertain to development of program funding, contracts, and strategies

  • VIII. The Right Type of Contract
    • Ensure negotiations address the right type of contract as well as the right price for procured products or services
    • Oversee the selection of the right type of contract including possible incentive type contracts
  • IX. The Right Contract Administration
    • Oversee the implementation of the right type of contract
    • Exercise the right amount of oversight
    • Establish collaborative relationships
  • XI. Student Action Plan Presentation
    • Students will demonstrate their understanding of the material covered in the class by presenting an oral Action Plan describing the improvements they intend to implement upon returning to work

Training Hours/Credits Earned

Standard Class Hours
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Credits Earned
24 CLPs
24 PDUs (Course approved by PMI® and is eligible for PDU credit)
2.4 CEUs

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