FPM 234 : Applied Leadership in Projects & Programs

FAC-P/PM Program Mid Level

FPM 234   |   2 Days (16 Hrs.)

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Designed specifically for professionals earning their Mid/Journeyman level FAC-P/PM certifications, this course provides a framework for the participants to respond to the leadership challenges facing them and their organizations in new, more innovative, and more productive ways.  FPM 234 is fully FAI-verified as meeting all OFPP / FAI v2.1 Performance Outcomes for the "Leadership / Professional" training Competency.

Course Overview

Educational Focus

This Mid Level course provides a framework for the participants to respond to the challenges facing them, their programs and projects, and their organizations in new, more innovative, and more productive ways. Specific topics addressed include:

  • Thinking Strategically
  • Increasing awareness of the impact that External factors have on your program or project
  • Leading with an Entrepreneurial spirit and mindset
  • Creating, communicating, and implementing a vision for your program or project

Participants will receive a framework to respond to the challenges facing them – and their organizations – in new, more innovative, and more productive ways.  Numerous hands-on exercises are used to emphasize the importance of essential leadership skills including:

  • Teamwork, collaboration, and communication
  • Personality Types and preferences
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Orgainizational and team strucutres for optimum performance

ALTA Learning Methodology

In addition to lecture and Q&A, this class provides a true adult learning experience by utilizing various other teaching modalities:

  • Students engage in various hands-on, experiential Exercises to emphasize the importance of essential leadership skills, including:
    • Teamwork, Collaboration, and Communication
    • Personality types and preferences
    • Negotiation skills
    • Organizational and team structures for optimum performance
  • Using a proprietary Leadership Assessment Tool developed specifically for this program, participants assess and evaluate their leadership traits in their current job settings.

Who Should Attend

  • Project Managers with 1 to 2 years of experience in Project Management
  • Those responsible for medium-sized, moderate-risk projects.

FAC-P/PM Competencies Addressed

Fully verified by FAI, FPM 234 covers all learning objectives for the FAC-P/PM Mid-level “Leadership / Professional” Competency.

FAC-P/PM Competency Mapping

PPM-204 Competency Mapping

Course Topics & Modules

  • I. Why Are We Here?
    • Program background and introduction
    • Current OMB and Presidential initiatives
    • Program agenda
    • Individual introductions and expectations
  • II. Leadership Competency Development Model and Assessment
    • Determine and assess personal leadership skills and competencies needed to succeed
    • Develop group presentations and facilitate discussion among class members
  • III. Diversity Assessment and Discussion
    • Explore and discuss diverse psychological types
  • IV. Communication Models and Teamwork Approaches
    • Understand different communication models and challenges
    • Understand how to effectively manage and empower Integrated Project Teams
    • Participate in a team group decision making exercise
  • V. Principled Negotiations
    • Understand the terminology and nature of negotiations
    • Understand a four step approach to principled negotiations
    • Demonstrate understanding of the concepts by participating in a negotiation exercise
  • VI. Student Action Plan Presentation
    • Students will demonstrate their understanding of the material covered in the class by presenting an oral Action Plan describing the improvements they intend to implement upon returning to work

Training Hours/Credits Earned

Standard Class Hours
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Credits Earned
16 CLPs
16 PDUs (Course approved by PMI® and is eligible for PDU credit)
1.6 CEUs

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